Your wedding celebration begins long before you walk down the aisle or share your first dance in the center of the floor. The joy is in the journey, which is why we believe your wedding celebration begins the moment you begin planning the monumental moments you will share with your partner, your families, and your guests.

Wedding planning should make you feel excited about what’s to come rather than overwhelmed by the options. So, allow us to walk by your side through your engagement season as your trusted wedding planners. We will share insight about budgets, boost your confidence as we make decisions together, and make you laugh and feel celebrated
every step of the way.  Breathe, find delight, and plan with us in Metro DC, Orlando, Charleston, and beyond as you both countdown the days until you say, “We do.”

We cannot wait to work with you!


It was a pleasure working with Andrea in the process of planning our wedding. It was a relief to have someone so experienced guiding us through the process so that nothing feel through the cracks and everything got done in time...Andrea is quick to respond to emails and we remained calm knowing she was keeping all the balls
in the air.

--Allison & Kevin

Andrea is such a professional but also fun and easy going! She just has a great aura about her and is decisive. We met with her first and then had like 3 other wedding planner meetings that day and no one even compared to her! Plus her prices are beyond the best value in the area.

--Erin & Robert 

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I call Andrea our wedding angel. She came highly recommended and originally was to help us plan our wedding here in Maryland but when we flipped everything and told her that we cancelled all of the MD plans to have a wedding in Vegas, she flipped right along with us. She helped us with everything from shipping to set up and made 100% sure that we did nothing but smile and be in love on our big day.
--Monique & George

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